Monday, December 7, 2015

Framing Walls and Getting Strong

Why work out?

When you could build your own house. I'm getting really buff doing this. And, I guess I am pretty stubborn. It isn't always a bad thing, depending on who you ask. I have been working away on my tiny house, hans solo, and having the very best time. All day yesterday and into the night, I lost track of the day and missed at least one meal, maybe two. I had forgotten how much I loved to frame until I delved right into it, and relearned my passion for it. I have laid out four walls and build two so far. I am being very meticulous, thinking about all the little details of what I am doing. I am considering which way my front door is swinging, and trying to plan ahead for mirrors recessed into walls and stain glass windows that haven't been but yet, and privacy through the garden window I framed up to sit right next to the toilet. Hee Hee

It is so exciting to watch this all come together, and I can see how fast it is already going and almost wanting it to slow down a little. Before you know it, it will be all done, and I will be off to a new adventure. Hopefully, it is something as fulfilling and exciting as building your own home, exactly the way you want it. I know the second I get my home done, I will be planning my next big trip. I haven't figured out where it will be yet, but that's the whole reason for this lifestyle change; traveling, among other things. 

I am so fortunate to have a warm place to work on my home, with a wood stove to take the crisp out of the air. Im a lucky one. My kids have been very helpful, snapping chalk lines, pulling nails apart so I can hand nail the walls together. (I'm old school) They also hand me things and help me clean up. Today Nick watered the ginger plant that lives in the shop with my tiny house, and filled all my water bottles for me. We are a great team. Gibson gets really excited about helping. He really likes snapping the chalk line and making marks and running the drill (with my help.) And my folks have been great too, letting us camp out in their basement, feeding us and being supportive and encouraging. My Dad has been letting me use a lot of his tools and it makes the job a lot easier to use the right ones for the job. 

I look forward to building up all the walls and getting the siding and roof on within the next week or two. Im hoping while the kidos are gone for the holidays I can crank this thing out and get it done, or at least most of the way. 
Check back for more progress, and if you are local and have any wood around you aren't going to use, get a hold of me, Ill come get it and give it a good home. Thanks!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting off the Ground

I hit the ground running this holiday weekend and lucked out for everything to fall perfectly into place on my little house project. There were a series of events that made me think twice about my approach to beginning my project. First of all, what I had started with was a pain in my ass. I have come to understand over the years that when something isn't flowing, and isn't coming easily or smooth per say, that it most likely isn't the path you should be on. So, I chose to listen. And pause. And observe the words of wisdom that were coming to me from some direct sources and some surprise sources. My Dad said, I don't think you should do it that way. And I said, alright Dad, I hear you. Then I had a pleasant encounter with a nice man that helped his daughter build a tiny house for his ex-wife (caring and open-minded individual right there) and he was a retired electrical engineer from Boeing and he told me that 60% of a houses heat loss is thru the walls and ceiling.
My project began with me screwing some quarter inch painted plywood to the bottom of my trailer, to sandwich it with insulation and the subfloor. Now, I am not doing that. I am either going to spray insulate it, or put up some blue sheets of insulation later. The key word is later. It feels good not to think about it right now.
So, thats what I am going to do. My moto with this project, and with life really, has been to think far enough ahead until it doesn't feel positive anymore, and to stop before I get to that point. Anything that stresses me out, or makes me feel negative emotion, I don't delve into just yet. Because, I know there will be an appropriate time and place to do it, and it must not be right then.
In result of this new break thru, I have been working away at the subfloor the last two days and have gotten three boards down with the help of a new a very kind special friend I have been blessed to connected with. He has started me off on the right foot, I couldn't imagine a better person to make sure I'm doing it right. His presence, energy and knowledge is just what my little project needed, and maybe what I needed too. ;)
I am going to keep chugging away at this subfloor. It feels amazing to be moving forward and seeing some progress!!!
In the pictures you can see my Dad lifting up my trailer with the forklift so I could remove some of the boards I had already applied. Once I got those off, he lowered it back down for me so I could cover the thing in Tyvek and begin screwing on the subfloor. I used 3/4 inch sheathing and screwed it in with some really awesome fasteners. (Again glad someone great was there to help me pick out the right ones) Send me your happy energy so I can continue to have positive happenings and thoughts towards this project. And have the pleasure of working with more amazing people, or just more with the amazing people I have already met. Someone is looking out for me and my boys, and I'm never sure who, call it God, a guardian angel, spirits that wish me well, I don't know. But, I'll take it.

While I was pre drilling some holes today, my Dad offered me some drill bits that belonged to my late little brother. He and I both know how special they are. I was trying to be super careful, as careful as you can be drilling into steel. And, I said to the drill bit, don't you break you little fudger (just incase my Mother reads this) and don't ya know the very next hole it broke off in. I laughed and laughed. I love when it is so very clear when my little brother is trying to mess with me. And he can still do things to make me laugh so hard. I left it there in that hole so he can be a part of my house, and my journey. I know if he was around he would be there to help me work on this thing... lift heavy stuff for me, instal some sick speakers in the walls for me, and do anything he could to help out his sis. I think of you and miss you every day brother. <3<3<3
Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round Two for Me

Some of you don't know about my early years, when I went to University out in Utah at Brigham Young. I was married at 19 to someone I met in the condos I lived in. We heard about this self help program from some family, and decided to apply a few months after we were married. Luckily I had stellar credit as a 19 year old and we were accepted right away and started building a home within the year. There were seven families in our group and we all helped each other. We built one house at a time, to completion and then moved onto the next. We were all in the same rural neighborhood on Utah Lake which was across from Provo, in the town of Saratoga Springs. 

Each house had a different floor plan, there might have been two the same. The floor plan we chose had a big open space and lots of windows with nice views. We had no trouble agreeing on a plan. We were both drawn to the same one. We chose the plot of land with a nice view and next to a few homes that were already built. 

Part of the program was to work on the house for 30 hours a week. And we were both working full time jobs as well. No babies yet. We went to bed dog tired every night. We would drive 30 minutes one way to work on the house 3 days a week and all weekend. Grandpa Dick (Pictured below) would come 45 minutes from Salt Lake City to come build with us one day in the week and every Saturday without fail. He was our biggest support. 

We had a foreman that was a student at BYU to ask questions to, but for the most part we were on our own. There was a lot of discussion on the proper way to do things. Grandpa and I would bicker back and forth for a few minutes and usually come to the best solution for any problem we faced. We worked so well together. I got really buff. And I could frame circles around most of the men, an some happened to do that for a living.  Reading plans came easily to me, and I loved to frame. Give me that nail gun and get out of the way. 

I also particularly enjoyed roofing. I contributed to every single roof. Even the Mexican families roof, despite the fact that they had all their family come out and do it in one day. It was very satisfying to put down the subfloor. It was a clean slate every time. Once it was done, the layout and framing began. Snapping chalk lines, measuring where the interior walls went. Reminiscing about building our house reminds me how much I really loved it! I learned so much. Not many people can say they owned a house at 20. And not many people can say they built seven houses by the time they were 21. It took us a year and a half to build those 7 houses. 

From start to finish, we knocked the pins off the foundation, then tarred it. We built up the load bearing wall in the basement, then put on the joists. Next came the subfloor, exterior walls and sheathing. Somewhere after that we did trusses, interior walls and sheathing on the roof. Then we would roof the damn thing. We did all the painting, finished carpentry, and rough plumbing. As well as yard work with the skid steer and sprinkler systems. I am efficient in all of these things. 

We did not do sheetrock, or finished plumbing or electrical. And our own home we had to paint twice. There was a heater left on with the wrong gasoline in it, and created black smoke residue all over our house. We had to scrub it down and repaint. That sucked. For homes down there in the dryer climate, stucco is popular for the exterior. We also did rock on the exterior of every house. Our home was done in the winter. That was a challenge for me to get that rock to stick! You have to have the mixture just right. 

Roofing those houses was either blasted hot, and the shingles would tear and melt all over the place and burn your hands and knees if you weren't careful. Or, in the extreme cold you could barely cut them or they would just break. And the shingles seamed so much heavier in the freezing cold. We built on that house rain or shine, snow or 100 degree weather. And if you have spent any time in Utah its only either or. ;)

And my partner in crime stayed my partner thru all the house building. The people who ran the program told us that if your marriage could survive this experience it could weather any storm. They were partly correct. We were one of two young couples who did the program when we did. The other couple divorced during, endured till the end, and sold the house immediately making $30,000 each. We may not have stayed together long term, but we sure became better people from this experience. At least I know I did. We stayed in our home for 5+ years, brought both of our babies home from the hospital to this home we built, and had countless happy memories within the walls that we raised. It is a phase of my life I can look back on and smile, and shake my head because we survived it. It was one of the most challenging experiences, physically, mentally and emotionally. Literal blood sweat and tears every day. All worth it. 

Now, it will be my second time around. But this time, I am going at it solo. I have had a lot of support so far. And love. And help. But, the brunt of the work and the worry I take on my shoulders. And as you now can see, my shoulders are broad and strong. And I'll be just fine. 

I have been collecting like a mad woman, and preparing to have all my ducks in a row to go full throttle. Im still puttering along making sure I start my foundation piece right. Bought my insulation today. Im ready for some help with a forklift to hoist my trailer on end and start securing the boards I've painted. All in due time. Pictures to come as always. Thanks for reading. Peace out. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Getting Underway

We are getting started people. I am using this quarter inch ply wood to line the bottom of my trailer to hold up my insulation and water tubes... and it must be painted to protect it from the elements. So, here we are painting. Nick and Gibson both helped out, they are my 4 and 8 year old sons. Gibson used the paint brush to gob paint on the knots, and Nick and I rolled. It was a very enjoyable after dinner activity. And in the background you see all of the windows we have acquired for our tiny house build. A LOT of windows. I think our home will be primarily windows. I hope our neighbors are okay with nudity. LOL Or, I guess we can make some curtains.
I was in the process of planning where my windows would go in my house and ended up getting bored and parascoping. Do any of you know what that is? It is rather interesting. You basically allow people to watch what you are doing. I was talking about the tiny house for a while, then I made some earrings, and made some new friends.
I must admit... While I have this looming project I have been having fun at every opportunity! I must buckle down and build this house!!
Here is a picture of what I did on my Saturday night instead of building my house......

I attended a Scotch dinner and then went and partied with my friend in my defense, it was his birthday! Anyway, Ive got to get to the grind. The more excited I get about it, the easier it is to put my social life aside and build. But, because of the way I plan to build this house, my social life is somewhat important. I need to network and talk to others that have built things, and discuss the best possible way to do what I am doing. There are so many ways to build a tiny house. My take is to gather as many useful things around the community that I can, and make due with that and whatever else I can find from the Habitat store and the Around again Store... So far I am doing quite well! 
As always I am very grateful to those that offer help and supplies and emotional support! And morning snuggles. ;) My friend and family have been tremendous so far, and I know it will only get better the deeper we get into this project. 
I am keeping my sites on the finished product. And the ability to go and travel and have a home base. And a place to call our own. And a lifestyle that fits with our being. I can't wait!! In the meantime, we are having a blast camped out in my parents basement. Send us good energy as you read this. And if you live far away, I want to come visit you, as soon as this house is built. Experiences instead of things, thats what Im teaching my boys. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

More Sappy Shit, then things are getting real

This journey is so much more than just building a tiny house. Its a journey of self discovery, and alignment, and oneness. Today marks another milestone, and transition for us on our path. The boys and I are saying goodbye to our home of the last year or so. We moved here back in February and it has been a wonderful home. It has a special energy. We were told when we moved in that no one stays here for longer than a year, without fail. Its as if the home sends you on the path that is meant for you. I know there was an older man that lived here and died here. Looking back on my time here, I believe that some of his good energy stayed behind when he went on. We were drawn to this home for a reason. It had a beautiful view of Canada, and lots of windows and open space, beams and most importantly a large fireplace which was the center of the home. I learned a lot about myself here. I became a better person here. I grew into the person I was meant to be. My children watched me go from moderately happy every day, to ecstatically happy every moment, (almost annoying.)
So, I wanted to take some time and sit here in front of my fireplace one last time. This space where I have spent special moments with several special people, talking, learning, growing, sharing stories, and getting deep. I also burned a lot of shit in this fireplace, its huge!
I am sitting here feeling grateful. And full of love. I appreciate every happy wonderful peaceful moment I have had here in this home. Im glad I got some of the good energy of this place. And, I hope I left some of my good energy for the next person. I spent a lot of time here with someone I love. And it was an honor to go thru the life we had together, as I cleaned and moved, and remember all the love we shared. Thank you for loving me. <3 And now, I will let you be. But, please come back into my life when you forgive me for letting you go, once you see it had to be.
AND NOW ITS GO TIME. I have all my things in one place. I have collected all my windows and now its time to buy me some lumber and get to work. Ill be posting updates. Wish me luck. Send me LOVE!

Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm still alive over here!

Just checking in, I'm still here and still alive! I have been downsizing for days and days. I've spent many days in my pajamas with a fire going, sorting things, organizing things to sell/give away/donate ... and BURNING stuff! It feels absolutely amazing to get rid of my things. Some things I been hanging on to for 15 years. Some of my Germany treasures (I spent a year there studying abroad in HS) I thought I would never be able to part with, but I have found ways to reduce most everything to something I can either take with me or remember somehow. I am donating all of my German books, and educational stuff to the high school's German class. Hopefully they will be able to benefit from it. I am keeping all of my photographs and post cards and maps from all of the amazing places I have visited to decoupage on the walls of my tiny house. I have SO MANY photos. And memories. And wonderful experiences with wonderful people. I am so grateful for my past, and the way it has formed me into the person I am. My goal is to get my things manageable so it doesn't hold me back. I am getting there, slowly. 
My house looks like a bomb went off. At the end of the month, I will have the pleasure of crashing my parents house for the months of November and December so I can start knocking out my building. 
Today I scored some real stone tiles at the habitat store, as well as a light, maybe for the boys loft, and some roof cover that retails for $250 that I got for $69!!! Whoa! I have also been keeping my eyes open for garden windows and sky lights. If anyone has a lead on those things, please pm me! 
I will be super busy getting rid of clothes and toys and clothes and stuff and clothes, so if anyone is looking for me, I'll have my nose deep in clothes and stuff. I'm being so brave, losing my attachments to "things" and trying to understand that there is so much more to life that the stuff that bogs us down. 
Thanks for reading. Thanks for thinking kind thoughts in my direction. Send me strength to let go of things that no longer serve me.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

And so it begins! 

Above, you see my first tiny house purchase. I spent $1.50 at the local thrift store on these beautiful, colorful tiles. They are the epitome of my style and my energy. I decided recently when I died my hair rainbow, that rainbow was my favorite color. I always adopted my grandmas favorite color, which was green. I love green. In HS my favorite colors were bright orange and lime green. And today, I don't really love one color more than another. So, my favorite color is rainbow. My Dad keeps busting my chaps, checking in with me on my dating preferences. He thinks I am going to come out as lesbian one of these days. I think its funny. Maybe some day I will bring a girl home to meet him, just for shits and giggles. HAHA! But for now, I like the men... 
I have been working away thinning down my things. I have my best dear friend selling some of my furniture for me. I have gone thru a lot of my clothes and the stuff I have left in my closet is flowing, comfortable and bright colored! Sounds about right. 
I will be going thru my kids clothes and toys soon and we will be having a booth at the kids sale at their school, Five Acre in Sequim on the 17th of October. 
It feels so amazing to downsize. I feel so light and free already. I am enjoying my journey immensely, and it has only just begun. My wonderful friends and family are surrounding me with support and lovely kind words. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be in this community and to have so many resourceful loving people around me. If you are reading this, and sending me loving thoughts, thank you. There is no limit to what you can do, especially when your energy and thoughts are positive. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Please join me on my journey of awareness, self discovery and getting what you want in your own life, if you feel inspired to. I would love to see and hear about your paths. We learn a lot from each other in this life, so I invite you to teach me something if you choose. Leave a comment. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Real Life v Screen Life

Yesterday my little family was in Seattle, and Gibson, scruffy and I were riding on a carousel. There was this younger girl in front of us, riding on a horse... Gibson was pretending our horses were racing, like on Mary Poppins, because I usually do that with him. We were playing make believe and laughing and smiling and looking around. The young girl was taking picture after picture and doing something which each one, snap chatting it, face booking it, instagraming it, texting it... It blew my mind a little. I thought for a few minutes about what it would be like to do things in life for the reason  of showing others what I am doing. Doing things in life just to give the illusion that you are busy doing something fun. 
The boys and I enjoy doing things for the experience. We do things in life because we want to. Nothing holds us back from doing what we want to do. Not people, not money, not circumstance, and especially not our own limitations that we can sometimes put on ourselves. Everything in life can be obtained, acquired, experienced if we want. If I could tell people of the world just one thing, today, it would be to "Do What You Want". 
Stop caring about other people. Because once you do things for you and not for anyone else, thats when you have the capacity to care for other people. Do what you want. Every day. Every minute. If you are about to do something, ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it for me? Is it because I want to? Or, am I doing it to please someone else? 
In my 30 years on this planet, in this body, I have finally learned that being selfish is so very important. Having a healthy view of "Self" is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned. When you take care of yourself, in every possible way (emotionally, physically, psychologically) you open yourself up to a higher level of living. You are suddenly capable of doing anything. You are available to help anyone around you. You are open to teach and learn. You are free to love and be loved. 
For my boys to see me in a completely whole state, happy, doing what I want in my life - its gives them the ability to do the same. They see me beaming with joy. They are happy when I am happy. And thru my ability to do and be what I want, my wanting is to create the most perfect life for them. I want their lives to be full of adventure and learning and new experiences and love... so much love. I want to harness so much positive energy through my experience in raising them that they should never need to heal from their childhood. I have chosen to be responsible for the wellbeing and growth of two human beings, and this task I plan to exceed at in every possible way. 
For those of you out there searching for a path for healing, set an intention, ask for help, allow the change. My tiny house journey is more than just building a tiny house, so much more, it is also a journey towards a life and lifestyle that is more aligned with me and who I am and what I am here to do. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crazy Birthday faces...

Do I find it coincidental that on the eve of my thirtieth birthday I had the most intense dream about snakes? I woke up at 6 am from this dream, not terrified, but heavy with exhaustion from that dream. I was with my favorite family, my friend Jenna and her two girls and her husband, and who even knows where we were, but we were suddenly overcome by water, and snakes everywhere! We were each taking turns scooping the girls up from the snakes. I wasn't terrified tho, I was so brave! And, at one point a big giant one bit me... but without a second thought I bend down to my leg and sucked the venom out, and then blew thru the hole in my leg to make sure it was all out. 
Apparently snake dreams, on a positive note represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom.  It is indicative of self renewal and positive change. I count myself lucky to have such a dream as my last night as a 29 year old. :) Just last week, I had a dream that I had a baby, but it was asian... haha (my friend will think thats funny.) These kinds of dreams point to positive change as well.
Perhaps the one person I really care to hear from today, I know I won't ... because in getting on my right path, and saving my heart, I broke his. 
My boys and I are headed out of the Country for my birthday! Be back this evening. Hopefully we don't encounter any snakes there! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hopefully everyone is up for a laugh...

I love getting on my computer and finding hilarious pictures of my boys. One day they are sitting over in the corner somewhere in the house with my computer on their laps and just giggling and laughing away. These are some of the gems from that sitting. Enjoy, laugh, heal, smile, enjoy joy. 

This one is so sweet. <3<3<3


These ones came from an early morning where Nickolas swiped my computer while the whole house was asleep and went out into the field with a blanket and enjoyed some alone time. I love what he created. <3<3<3

You will do great things, Son.

I thought you all might enjoy these. They make me smile and laugh. It's all for them. 
We are so near our goal, just waiting on a call that the trailer is ready, then it's go time! Thank you for checking in on us. Please send your positive thoughts our way. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Plans came in the mail!!! 

How exciting! I came home today to plans in the mail. They must have come yesterday, but I was so busy doing the flea market all day, I didn't even check the mail. I spent over an hour today just pouring over them; the supply list, the measurements, all the angles. I am beyond excited. The trailer will be ready to pick up an hour or two away within a week or two. And, I am so close to my goal, at least to pay for the trailer. ;) One step at a time people. 

Few of you know I quit my job a few weeks ago. My Dad said to me, "Oh wise, intelligent, sweet daughter of mine... if you wanted to build this tiny house, why would you quit your job? How will you pay for it?" I said, Dad... that's not important. If I want it enough, I will find a way. Interesting enough, I have been offered three different jobs in two days. And, if I can, I will do them all, and build this tiny house too. The power of positive thinking and attracting exactly what you want in life is so powerful and amazing. 

Our flea market went so well. Nick and I were there all day together, and Gibson lasted a few hours. (Thank goodness for family) Nick said it was the best day of his life. He enjoyed the market atmosphere immensely. He is a salesman at heart, although it's not a surprise at all, seeing as both of his parents have sold things most of their careers. I sold like a mad person. It was rare for anyone to walk away from my booth without at the very least pulling a dollar out to buy a cookie or loaf of bread. A sale is a sale. We are well on our way. We have really appreciated all of the support thus far. We had several friends come visit us at the booth and buy things and family visit and buy things, and the day wouldn't have been as amazing without you all who visited. I had friends buy things from my websites since they couldn't make it to the sale. Thank you all in every way you have been a support to us. We are just getting started, so please don't stop supporting us, even just with your thoughts. They are powerful. 
A sense of community can be quite amazing. If everyone helped everyone, we could all prosper. I have an intention of starting a tiny house community in the future sometime. We all would have like visions. Simplicity in lifestyle and pure use of time, not doing anything in life (within reason) that we don't want to do. Living life to it's fullest. Etc. Etc. If anyone is interested in that kind of a community, and has any ideas to add to it, leave a comment. Let's talk. 
I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn and experience life, and I seek joy in every aspect of this journey. Thanks for reading. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

These boys tho...

These two have been a pleasure for me to raise for the last 8 years. What a ride it has been. We have had some really wonderful experiences. Some of my most treasured ones are the quiet moments spent with each, where I catch a glimpse of the extraordinary people they are. 

They are the best of friends, and less often the worst of enemies. They laugh together, make believe, sing, play crazy boy games, go off jumps they know they shouldn't... 

Their giggles are timeless and some of my favorite sounds. 

 They are so smart and curious, and I can't wait to see all they have to offer in this new experience we are embarking on. 
It's all for them. <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

How can you help?

I'm so glad you asked! Let me tell you! You can send me happy loving successful thoughts first of all. Then, if you so desire, you could donate to our cause at our site here:

And, what would be awesome is if you bought something we make! Our lavender products:

Or, you could buy that special someone some of our homemade jewelry:

Also, for you locals out there who love us and want us to succeed, we are doing a flea market booth on Saturday the 19th at the pumpkin patch in Sequim, WA, that is off of kitchendick road. (hee hee)
We are going to be selling anything and everything! For starters, we are unloading some of our possessions so we can fit into our tiny house when it is done. I have collected some vintage things I will be parting with. There will be buckets of homemade jewelry. Lavender products. Paintings done by yours truly. Hand sewn bags. And, most excitingly homemade cookies and breads, all organic and gluten free. YUM!! 

Thank you for your support, even in just reading this and sending happy thoughts our way, everything helps. We are so excited to build a tiny house!!!