Monday, December 7, 2015

Framing Walls and Getting Strong

Why work out?

When you could build your own house. I'm getting really buff doing this. And, I guess I am pretty stubborn. It isn't always a bad thing, depending on who you ask. I have been working away on my tiny house, hans solo, and having the very best time. All day yesterday and into the night, I lost track of the day and missed at least one meal, maybe two. I had forgotten how much I loved to frame until I delved right into it, and relearned my passion for it. I have laid out four walls and build two so far. I am being very meticulous, thinking about all the little details of what I am doing. I am considering which way my front door is swinging, and trying to plan ahead for mirrors recessed into walls and stain glass windows that haven't been but yet, and privacy through the garden window I framed up to sit right next to the toilet. Hee Hee

It is so exciting to watch this all come together, and I can see how fast it is already going and almost wanting it to slow down a little. Before you know it, it will be all done, and I will be off to a new adventure. Hopefully, it is something as fulfilling and exciting as building your own home, exactly the way you want it. I know the second I get my home done, I will be planning my next big trip. I haven't figured out where it will be yet, but that's the whole reason for this lifestyle change; traveling, among other things. 

I am so fortunate to have a warm place to work on my home, with a wood stove to take the crisp out of the air. Im a lucky one. My kids have been very helpful, snapping chalk lines, pulling nails apart so I can hand nail the walls together. (I'm old school) They also hand me things and help me clean up. Today Nick watered the ginger plant that lives in the shop with my tiny house, and filled all my water bottles for me. We are a great team. Gibson gets really excited about helping. He really likes snapping the chalk line and making marks and running the drill (with my help.) And my folks have been great too, letting us camp out in their basement, feeding us and being supportive and encouraging. My Dad has been letting me use a lot of his tools and it makes the job a lot easier to use the right ones for the job. 

I look forward to building up all the walls and getting the siding and roof on within the next week or two. Im hoping while the kidos are gone for the holidays I can crank this thing out and get it done, or at least most of the way. 
Check back for more progress, and if you are local and have any wood around you aren't going to use, get a hold of me, Ill come get it and give it a good home. Thanks!