Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm still alive over here!

Just checking in, I'm still here and still alive! I have been downsizing for days and days. I've spent many days in my pajamas with a fire going, sorting things, organizing things to sell/give away/donate ... and BURNING stuff! It feels absolutely amazing to get rid of my things. Some things I been hanging on to for 15 years. Some of my Germany treasures (I spent a year there studying abroad in HS) I thought I would never be able to part with, but I have found ways to reduce most everything to something I can either take with me or remember somehow. I am donating all of my German books, and educational stuff to the high school's German class. Hopefully they will be able to benefit from it. I am keeping all of my photographs and post cards and maps from all of the amazing places I have visited to decoupage on the walls of my tiny house. I have SO MANY photos. And memories. And wonderful experiences with wonderful people. I am so grateful for my past, and the way it has formed me into the person I am. My goal is to get my things manageable so it doesn't hold me back. I am getting there, slowly. 
My house looks like a bomb went off. At the end of the month, I will have the pleasure of crashing my parents house for the months of November and December so I can start knocking out my building. 
Today I scored some real stone tiles at the habitat store, as well as a light, maybe for the boys loft, and some roof cover that retails for $250 that I got for $69!!! Whoa! I have also been keeping my eyes open for garden windows and sky lights. If anyone has a lead on those things, please pm me! 
I will be super busy getting rid of clothes and toys and clothes and stuff and clothes, so if anyone is looking for me, I'll have my nose deep in clothes and stuff. I'm being so brave, losing my attachments to "things" and trying to understand that there is so much more to life that the stuff that bogs us down. 
Thanks for reading. Thanks for thinking kind thoughts in my direction. Send me strength to let go of things that no longer serve me.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

And so it begins! 

Above, you see my first tiny house purchase. I spent $1.50 at the local thrift store on these beautiful, colorful tiles. They are the epitome of my style and my energy. I decided recently when I died my hair rainbow, that rainbow was my favorite color. I always adopted my grandmas favorite color, which was green. I love green. In HS my favorite colors were bright orange and lime green. And today, I don't really love one color more than another. So, my favorite color is rainbow. My Dad keeps busting my chaps, checking in with me on my dating preferences. He thinks I am going to come out as lesbian one of these days. I think its funny. Maybe some day I will bring a girl home to meet him, just for shits and giggles. HAHA! But for now, I like the men... 
I have been working away thinning down my things. I have my best dear friend selling some of my furniture for me. I have gone thru a lot of my clothes and the stuff I have left in my closet is flowing, comfortable and bright colored! Sounds about right. 
I will be going thru my kids clothes and toys soon and we will be having a booth at the kids sale at their school, Five Acre in Sequim on the 17th of October. 
It feels so amazing to downsize. I feel so light and free already. I am enjoying my journey immensely, and it has only just begun. My wonderful friends and family are surrounding me with support and lovely kind words. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be in this community and to have so many resourceful loving people around me. If you are reading this, and sending me loving thoughts, thank you. There is no limit to what you can do, especially when your energy and thoughts are positive. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Please join me on my journey of awareness, self discovery and getting what you want in your own life, if you feel inspired to. I would love to see and hear about your paths. We learn a lot from each other in this life, so I invite you to teach me something if you choose. Leave a comment. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Real Life v Screen Life

Yesterday my little family was in Seattle, and Gibson, scruffy and I were riding on a carousel. There was this younger girl in front of us, riding on a horse... Gibson was pretending our horses were racing, like on Mary Poppins, because I usually do that with him. We were playing make believe and laughing and smiling and looking around. The young girl was taking picture after picture and doing something which each one, snap chatting it, face booking it, instagraming it, texting it... It blew my mind a little. I thought for a few minutes about what it would be like to do things in life for the reason  of showing others what I am doing. Doing things in life just to give the illusion that you are busy doing something fun. 
The boys and I enjoy doing things for the experience. We do things in life because we want to. Nothing holds us back from doing what we want to do. Not people, not money, not circumstance, and especially not our own limitations that we can sometimes put on ourselves. Everything in life can be obtained, acquired, experienced if we want. If I could tell people of the world just one thing, today, it would be to "Do What You Want". 
Stop caring about other people. Because once you do things for you and not for anyone else, thats when you have the capacity to care for other people. Do what you want. Every day. Every minute. If you are about to do something, ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it for me? Is it because I want to? Or, am I doing it to please someone else? 
In my 30 years on this planet, in this body, I have finally learned that being selfish is so very important. Having a healthy view of "Self" is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned. When you take care of yourself, in every possible way (emotionally, physically, psychologically) you open yourself up to a higher level of living. You are suddenly capable of doing anything. You are available to help anyone around you. You are open to teach and learn. You are free to love and be loved. 
For my boys to see me in a completely whole state, happy, doing what I want in my life - its gives them the ability to do the same. They see me beaming with joy. They are happy when I am happy. And thru my ability to do and be what I want, my wanting is to create the most perfect life for them. I want their lives to be full of adventure and learning and new experiences and love... so much love. I want to harness so much positive energy through my experience in raising them that they should never need to heal from their childhood. I have chosen to be responsible for the wellbeing and growth of two human beings, and this task I plan to exceed at in every possible way. 
For those of you out there searching for a path for healing, set an intention, ask for help, allow the change. My tiny house journey is more than just building a tiny house, so much more, it is also a journey towards a life and lifestyle that is more aligned with me and who I am and what I am here to do.