Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hiatus complete. Married, check. Happy, double check. Kids remain top priority, check. Regained momentum on tiny home project, 5/8th check. Passion for growth and continual learning, BIG ASS CHECK.

Since April, I have accomplished so much, it would be ridiculous to try and summarize. I feel like my growth as a person has exponentially rocketed forward, and it is now my main "job." Law of attraction on steroids would be an understatement. We are bordering on destiny here people. Too much information? Perhaps. But, that's okay. Truth above all else. When there is truth, there can be love.

Why do I preface this post so? It is important to know how we got here. My computer is resting on my sleeping dog nestled between my legs in the spare bed in the beautiful home I live in with my husband and two boys. Groom, my blood hound/mastiff rescue, who came to us out camping by the coast this summer, is a prime example of the beauty that is my life now. He is the most loyal dog I can possibly imagine. We spent all day together, riding to drop the kids off at school, running some errands, running on the beach, taking a nap ... and it is so easy to love him unconditionally, because he isn't complicated. I know what he needs. Food, water, love, exercise, car rides, opportunities to lean on trees/ bushes/ fire hydrants and constant companionship. And he has also come to know what I need. In short, to be leaned on with all 100 pounds of his body weight, snuggled, raced out of the car and other random idiosyncrasies. Why is loving a human so much more complicated?

It has been 2100 years now we have been in the Picean Era, one where religion and war were predominant, and men were in so many ways "more" than woman, frankly put. Now, as we transition into the age of Aquarian, the woman start to come out of the woodworks. Spirituality, and inner growth become more popular than religion, and there is more acceptance and love flowing around. The sun starts to shine again and people feel empowered, and start to align with hope. I have noticed many woman around me begin to realize their power, their own strengths and abilities. We are all changing and evolving, wanting more than to stay at home raising our children, cooking dinner, cleaning, tending the garden, or simply working those jobs we are over qualified for on account of one commitment or another.

Love becomes more important than ever. Most notably loving ones self. The best judge of self love is how we love others. When we love ourselves properly, we are able to give love properly as well. As the women in our lives step into their power, and realize who they are, what a beautiful gift they are to this world - remember it is not instant ingredients into a perfectly risen loaf of bread. Sometimes, some of the ingredients are off - old, stale, sour, discolored, pulled out from the back of the cupboard. We all need to find our place in this new world, that evolves right before our eyes. Leaving behind our partners won't make it easier for us to take our rightful place. When the loaf doesn't rise, do we just throw the mixer away when all the ingredients are bad? They may need reworking, relearning, and more love than ever - but holy hell - don't throw the damn mixer away, it has nothing to do with the bread rising!

Jesus said to forgive 70 times 7 ... that is a lot of times! Hope. We can embrace hope as we come to know who we are again. As he walked our earth, teaching above all - love - he showed it perfectly to all those around him. He gives love to everyone unconditionally, just like some of us do to our dogs, never expecting anything in return. Even if you aren't religious there are many masters out there that teach us how to love. Mother Theresa was so beautiful because she loved everyone, completely, without any judgement or expectation or promise of returned sentiment. If we loved ourselves this way, we could offer it to those around us as well. What a beautiful earth is would become. The face  who steps into office is irrelevant because this nation could be so busy loving ourselves and our neighbors at such an intimate level that we wouldn't bother with the hierarchy that attempts to control us. If our time was spent forgiving 70 times 7, love would trickle out into the community, then the state, then the nation, and government would lose its reasons to control.

Control only works on those who don't forgive, who pay into the idea of being controlled. It is a fear based action, on both ends. A nation filled with love and hope wouldn't have reason to fear. How are we contributing to our nations vibration? It all starts at home. No, it all starts within. Love yourself. Love your family members. Love your neighbors. Love the stranger you cross paths with. Love multiplies like forgiveness. Where you forgive, there is no fear and therefor no separation. While we are all working on loving ourselves again, remember to forgive instead of to separate yourself. We don't have to do this alone. We don't have to control anyone. Where there is hope and love, there is no room for fear.

It comes right down to you. Me and you. Specifically what comes out of your mouth. The words you utter. They have such power. They can be used to build walls between you and whoever you speak to.   They can be used to build someone up, make them feel loved, special, accepted, supported. My Grandma always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I'll be spending my time speaking hope, love and forgiveness into this world. First into myself. And to those I encounter.

Embarking on building this tiny house, turned into building my own personal house, my body, spirit, soul and everything that makes me who I am. I am currently laying my wood floor, passed along to me by a wonderful friend. (THANK YOU!) Still working on my foundation here, it may not be perfect, but I forgive myself along the way, and know that it is put together with a lot of love. <3