Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crazy Birthday faces...

Do I find it coincidental that on the eve of my thirtieth birthday I had the most intense dream about snakes? I woke up at 6 am from this dream, not terrified, but heavy with exhaustion from that dream. I was with my favorite family, my friend Jenna and her two girls and her husband, and who even knows where we were, but we were suddenly overcome by water, and snakes everywhere! We were each taking turns scooping the girls up from the snakes. I wasn't terrified tho, I was so brave! And, at one point a big giant one bit me... but without a second thought I bend down to my leg and sucked the venom out, and then blew thru the hole in my leg to make sure it was all out. 
Apparently snake dreams, on a positive note represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom.  It is indicative of self renewal and positive change. I count myself lucky to have such a dream as my last night as a 29 year old. :) Just last week, I had a dream that I had a baby, but it was asian... haha (my friend will think thats funny.) These kinds of dreams point to positive change as well.
Perhaps the one person I really care to hear from today, I know I won't ... because in getting on my right path, and saving my heart, I broke his. 
My boys and I are headed out of the Country for my birthday! Be back this evening. Hopefully we don't encounter any snakes there! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hopefully everyone is up for a laugh...

I love getting on my computer and finding hilarious pictures of my boys. One day they are sitting over in the corner somewhere in the house with my computer on their laps and just giggling and laughing away. These are some of the gems from that sitting. Enjoy, laugh, heal, smile, enjoy joy. 

This one is so sweet. <3<3<3


These ones came from an early morning where Nickolas swiped my computer while the whole house was asleep and went out into the field with a blanket and enjoyed some alone time. I love what he created. <3<3<3

You will do great things, Son.

I thought you all might enjoy these. They make me smile and laugh. It's all for them. 
We are so near our goal, just waiting on a call that the trailer is ready, then it's go time! Thank you for checking in on us. Please send your positive thoughts our way. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Plans came in the mail!!! 

How exciting! I came home today to plans in the mail. They must have come yesterday, but I was so busy doing the flea market all day, I didn't even check the mail. I spent over an hour today just pouring over them; the supply list, the measurements, all the angles. I am beyond excited. The trailer will be ready to pick up an hour or two away within a week or two. And, I am so close to my goal, at least to pay for the trailer. ;) One step at a time people. 

Few of you know I quit my job a few weeks ago. My Dad said to me, "Oh wise, intelligent, sweet daughter of mine... if you wanted to build this tiny house, why would you quit your job? How will you pay for it?" I said, Dad... that's not important. If I want it enough, I will find a way. Interesting enough, I have been offered three different jobs in two days. And, if I can, I will do them all, and build this tiny house too. The power of positive thinking and attracting exactly what you want in life is so powerful and amazing. 

Our flea market went so well. Nick and I were there all day together, and Gibson lasted a few hours. (Thank goodness for family) Nick said it was the best day of his life. He enjoyed the market atmosphere immensely. He is a salesman at heart, although it's not a surprise at all, seeing as both of his parents have sold things most of their careers. I sold like a mad person. It was rare for anyone to walk away from my booth without at the very least pulling a dollar out to buy a cookie or loaf of bread. A sale is a sale. We are well on our way. We have really appreciated all of the support thus far. We had several friends come visit us at the booth and buy things and family visit and buy things, and the day wouldn't have been as amazing without you all who visited. I had friends buy things from my websites since they couldn't make it to the sale. Thank you all in every way you have been a support to us. We are just getting started, so please don't stop supporting us, even just with your thoughts. They are powerful. 
A sense of community can be quite amazing. If everyone helped everyone, we could all prosper. I have an intention of starting a tiny house community in the future sometime. We all would have like visions. Simplicity in lifestyle and pure use of time, not doing anything in life (within reason) that we don't want to do. Living life to it's fullest. Etc. Etc. If anyone is interested in that kind of a community, and has any ideas to add to it, leave a comment. Let's talk. 
I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn and experience life, and I seek joy in every aspect of this journey. Thanks for reading. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

These boys tho...

These two have been a pleasure for me to raise for the last 8 years. What a ride it has been. We have had some really wonderful experiences. Some of my most treasured ones are the quiet moments spent with each, where I catch a glimpse of the extraordinary people they are. 

They are the best of friends, and less often the worst of enemies. They laugh together, make believe, sing, play crazy boy games, go off jumps they know they shouldn't... 

Their giggles are timeless and some of my favorite sounds. 

 They are so smart and curious, and I can't wait to see all they have to offer in this new experience we are embarking on. 
It's all for them. <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

How can you help?

I'm so glad you asked! Let me tell you! You can send me happy loving successful thoughts first of all. Then, if you so desire, you could donate to our cause at our site here:

And, what would be awesome is if you bought something we make! Our lavender products:

Or, you could buy that special someone some of our homemade jewelry:

Also, for you locals out there who love us and want us to succeed, we are doing a flea market booth on Saturday the 19th at the pumpkin patch in Sequim, WA, that is off of kitchendick road. (hee hee)
We are going to be selling anything and everything! For starters, we are unloading some of our possessions so we can fit into our tiny house when it is done. I have collected some vintage things I will be parting with. There will be buckets of homemade jewelry. Lavender products. Paintings done by yours truly. Hand sewn bags. And, most excitingly homemade cookies and breads, all organic and gluten free. YUM!! 

Thank you for your support, even in just reading this and sending happy thoughts our way, everything helps. We are so excited to build a tiny house!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why do I want to live in a Tiny House?

It's the lifestyle. I want to be free of the hold that the world has on people. It is a vicious money cycle that I hope to slip right around and not have to deal with much anymore, and teach my kids to skirt it as well. People in this world work to afford their lifestyles, and I just don't want to be driven by money. I want to do something in life not because I can or cannot afford it, but because I want to do it. And, I intend on teaching my children the same thought patterns. 
What kind of wonderful people will they grow up to be if I teach them about wanting experiences instead of things? There is a generation gap that is currently being bridged. Our parents (the baby boomers) grew up working hard, for everything. They also taught our generation to work hard. But, when it comes to us teaching our kids, the newest generation, the baby boomers have harsh judgements for them. "They think life comes easy, they don't have to work for anything, they get things handed to them and are now feeling entitled."

But, here is where we bridge the gap, the middle generation is learning things. New things. That our parents weren't necessarily right, about how we should go about life. So, we build tiny houses and we make them roll their eyes. And, we teach our kids that anything in the world can be theirs if they but want it enough.
Thinking with your heart creates attraction and pull for things to simply come to you, if you are wanting them. I grew up working hard for everything I had. And now I have realized that it does take action, but it also takes attraction.
Building this tiny house is my movement into what I have learned. I have worked my butt off in the past to pay my bills. What bills? Rent? ----> I'm building a tiny house CHECK Food? ----> Gardening, Foraging, Berries, Canning, Hunting, Trapping etc CHECK ... and so on ... I do have a business, I work HARD at collecting food and preserving it, BUT it is something I LOVE to do. CHECK
Moral of the story: do what you love. Don't work in the hopes of doing what you love on your days off.

Check out this guys blog post about all the things he got wrong about tiny houses, its cool.

Our adventures in Tiny House Building
Picture credit to
For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Jamie C. Hill. I have two small boys named Nickolas (8) and Gibson (4) and we are excited to be embarking on building our own Tiny House. 
We seek a life of freedom, adventure and carefree joy. Recently I (Jamie) decided to quit my job and build a tiny house for my children and I. I was missing their growth. I was missing their evenings. I was missing bedtime and stories and snuggles. This tiny house is our solution to more quality time with each other. 
We enjoy eating off the land, catching sea food, foraging mushrooms, gardening, berry picking and preserving any and all food we can aquire. Food around the North Olympic Peninsula, which is where we live, is easy to come by if you are resourceful and a hard worker. The next largest expense in life is housing, so we are now going to tackle that with our current tiny house plans! Then, we are free to spend all of our free time with each other!

The picture above is a picture of Joshua and Shelley's house that they built on the Tiny House TV show. I just purchased my plans from them and I am excited to be building a very similar tiny house, because it is one that the boys and I like and can see ourselves living in, happily. 

With building a tiny house, I am excited for the possibilities of feed the kids dinner at night, and bathing them, and reading them stories and tucking them in for bed. And I will no longer worry about working to live, or living to work. Our goal is to enjoy life as a family and explore and seek joy in all aspects of life.

We do own a small lavender business ( and I also make and sell jewelry ( if you would like to support us by buying product, we would love that!!
Thank you for supporting us in any way, a donation ( THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, a purchase from one of our websites THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, or just sending us good vibes and love. <3<3<3 Thank you just for reading.

Jamie Hill, Nickolas Hill and Gibson Hill