Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting off the Ground

I hit the ground running this holiday weekend and lucked out for everything to fall perfectly into place on my little house project. There were a series of events that made me think twice about my approach to beginning my project. First of all, what I had started with was a pain in my ass. I have come to understand over the years that when something isn't flowing, and isn't coming easily or smooth per say, that it most likely isn't the path you should be on. So, I chose to listen. And pause. And observe the words of wisdom that were coming to me from some direct sources and some surprise sources. My Dad said, I don't think you should do it that way. And I said, alright Dad, I hear you. Then I had a pleasant encounter with a nice man that helped his daughter build a tiny house for his ex-wife (caring and open-minded individual right there) and he was a retired electrical engineer from Boeing and he told me that 60% of a houses heat loss is thru the walls and ceiling.
My project began with me screwing some quarter inch painted plywood to the bottom of my trailer, to sandwich it with insulation and the subfloor. Now, I am not doing that. I am either going to spray insulate it, or put up some blue sheets of insulation later. The key word is later. It feels good not to think about it right now.
So, thats what I am going to do. My moto with this project, and with life really, has been to think far enough ahead until it doesn't feel positive anymore, and to stop before I get to that point. Anything that stresses me out, or makes me feel negative emotion, I don't delve into just yet. Because, I know there will be an appropriate time and place to do it, and it must not be right then.
In result of this new break thru, I have been working away at the subfloor the last two days and have gotten three boards down with the help of a new a very kind special friend I have been blessed to connected with. He has started me off on the right foot, I couldn't imagine a better person to make sure I'm doing it right. His presence, energy and knowledge is just what my little project needed, and maybe what I needed too. ;)
I am going to keep chugging away at this subfloor. It feels amazing to be moving forward and seeing some progress!!!
In the pictures you can see my Dad lifting up my trailer with the forklift so I could remove some of the boards I had already applied. Once I got those off, he lowered it back down for me so I could cover the thing in Tyvek and begin screwing on the subfloor. I used 3/4 inch sheathing and screwed it in with some really awesome fasteners. (Again glad someone great was there to help me pick out the right ones) Send me your happy energy so I can continue to have positive happenings and thoughts towards this project. And have the pleasure of working with more amazing people, or just more with the amazing people I have already met. Someone is looking out for me and my boys, and I'm never sure who, call it God, a guardian angel, spirits that wish me well, I don't know. But, I'll take it.

While I was pre drilling some holes today, my Dad offered me some drill bits that belonged to my late little brother. He and I both know how special they are. I was trying to be super careful, as careful as you can be drilling into steel. And, I said to the drill bit, don't you break you little fudger (just incase my Mother reads this) and don't ya know the very next hole it broke off in. I laughed and laughed. I love when it is so very clear when my little brother is trying to mess with me. And he can still do things to make me laugh so hard. I left it there in that hole so he can be a part of my house, and my journey. I know if he was around he would be there to help me work on this thing... lift heavy stuff for me, instal some sick speakers in the walls for me, and do anything he could to help out his sis. I think of you and miss you every day brother. <3<3<3
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Great Job!!! Keep on the positive track and before long.... This will be a fabulous memory!! <3

  2. Great Job!!! Keep on the positive track and before long.... This will be a fabulous memory!! <3


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