Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House

These are all the people that made this wall raising party possible. This house is more or less a community effort, a family effort. This small community is my family. I am so lucky to have these people in my life, supporting me and my kids. My brother and sister and their families have helped so much, taking my kids to play and helping me load wood and lift stuff and give me the wood laying around their yards. LOL And my uncle lending me his nail gun and his knowledge of building and my great friends Matt and Jenna and their family being there for me in so many ways, letting me crash at their house whenever I don't feel like driving back to mine, and being awesome cool friends... This whole post is a run on sentence, so get over it. :) 
I need to acknowledge all the people who have helped me with this project, without them, it would be hard to imagine succeeding. And, who would I celebrate with if they weren't here for the journey? And, very special friends that prefer not to be mentioned or photographed, I must also thank, for so much help, and teaching, and demonstrating, and friendship, and breaks on the water when we have been building for days... Thank you! 

And these two little boys, thank you for trusting your Momma to know whats best for us. Thanks for your patience through transitions and your loving energy in this exciting journey we are on together. Us three against the world, sure love you boys!  
And, just look at my butt in these pants... A christmas gift from a special friend... not the butt, the pants. 

And, none of this would be possible without my sweet parents, who have let my boys and I camp out in their basement and eat their food while we build our little house. Thanks guys!!! :):)



  1. Hey, I know your likely using blue prints from the same people you got your trailer from, and it's a little hard to tell in your picture, but your headers worry me. In case you, or other readers on the site done know, the headers are the beam(s) that go across the top of the framing of walls for windows and doors. The seem to be laid with the larger dimension horizontally instead of vertically. Like the 5.5" section of a 2x6 is laying down, instead of standing up. Taking roof loads with any kind of snow will make these sag even if glued and screws before sandwiching them together. Unless of coarse you have engineered beams in there that can't be in because the photo quality is a little grainy?

    Some people do this because they can't figure out how two 1.5" wide boards add up to the 3.5 inch thickness of a wall... There is usually a 1/2 piece of plywood(not osb as its not designed for lateral load) sandwiched between the two pieces of dimensional 2x4 or 2x6.

    I'm wondering if this was in the plans you paid for, a goof on your part, or if I'm missing something?

    1. P.S. I'm about to build my own tiny and bought two sets of plans that I fought to return after seeing the poor framing techniques... So, I'm really curious here.

    2. Jason, I hope you are notified of this message somehow so you know I am writing back to you, I just saw this message! I had an over bearing friend helping me on the framing a little bit, by helping I mean trying to get me to do things his way, and it threw me off my groove a bit. He was trying to describe to me this other way of doing it, which was not the way I had framed up all the windows, and I misunderstood what he was saying and put the boards on end wrong, I have since fixed one window, and will notch out the studs and put another in on the one you are most likely pointing out. Lesson learned, do things the way I know them to be done right, and don't be swayed by a pushy friend who thinks it should be his way or no way. lol I got it figured out, thx! I have framed up 7 houses, so luckily I have a little experience. :) Thank you so much for the worry and the effort to make me aware of it!! :) -Jamie
      PS All I have are rough plans, and I totally made all the framing up based on my windows and only used the non architecturally sound plans for a few measurements. All suggestions welcome! :)


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