Thursday, February 25, 2016

People Come and People Go

On this journey, I have encountered people who are afraid of my light. Their instincts are to shy away from me altogether, or try and shoot me down to make themselves feel better, or even attempt to change me. These people don't usually last long in my world. They are bewildered how I continue having such wonderful "luck" and doors open for me, my path is clear and my heart is light. My jovial personality throws them for a loop. They can't make logical sense of why I am continually happy every single day. Then before you know it, "who I am" affects them, and they allow their emotions to rule their day, and their month and their entire world. Emotions are simply our inner beings way of communicating with us. They are saying, what you are thinking of right now isn't in alignment with what you want. Take the messages that come to you, and let it flow down the river. We are not meant to become hung up on our feelings. Someone wise whom I once spent a lot of time with taught me this valuable lesson. Once I finally got the hang of it, it changed my whole life.
We can't control those around us. We can't teach them lessons they need to learn on our time frame, heck, they may not ever learn them. But, if they do, it has to come in their timing, and of their choosing. A release of power and control has to take place. I have to constantly release those around me. I try to hold on to people. Not physically. LOL But, I love people so fiercely, when it is time for them to move along in my life, it's hard for me to let them go. I am being taught this idea in life, over and over it seems. People come and go. Its best to let them.
I am sitting here on this beautiful day, basking in the sun after working all day on my roof. The sun warms my skin and warms my heart. It subtly changes me. And, I allow it to. In my own life, I do my best to be as warm as the sun. I give my heart everywhere I go, in everything I do. I am putting my heart into this home. I put my heart into my children every day. I do my best to put my heart into every relationship I feed. But, I am not perfect. Although you can't see any flaws in the sun, her strength, light and pure intensity distracts from finding any visible discrepancies. Focus on the good, and you see the good. Don't mistake someone's intensity in one direction as a lack of attention to another. We all get to make our lives whatever we want them to be. The trick is allowing those around you to be exactly who they are without judgement.
So, I release all the people. I allow the energy around me to flow like a river. People come, people go. We all know whats best for ourselves if we listen to our intuition. I have come to know mine quite well on my journey, and I don't ever question it. Is there anyone in your life you seem to be fighting to keep? Are we letting our close friends and loved ones be exactly themselves? It's okay to see the potential in someone and love them for who they are now. Don't try to change me, and I won't try to change you.

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  1. I know we don't know each other mam but your insights to this thing called life are quite intriguing ��. I am was wondering if we had met in another life. Perhaps we have. 😎 What I do know and what resonates with me is ...EVERYTHING YOU SAID! When we choose love, choose to seek joy it begins to not only change your thoughts but the cells that make up our body. It all starts with one simple yet beautiful loving thought. That resonates into one cell and then radiates out into cells around it. Then the ripple effect begins to happen and networks begin to form within the body. Soon they start to travel and grow and expand throughout our being . When those thoughts stay constant and continue to flow continuously with that same root thought is when it begins to travel throughout our body and begins to travel down the spinal cord and a new awakening begins to happen. This awakening and light that then shines in us can scare people away. They can feel intimidated by it, almost scared or threatened by it. If they feel that you are shining brighter than them or outgrowing them or have more abundant joy with in you they might start to knock you down by their words instead of lift you up to even a higher level. That is when we must recognize who and what is feeding our soul and are they uplifting us or knocking us down. If they are knocking us down it is time to say "I love you .... From a distance! " If they're lifting our spirits up, continuously elevating the conversation to a higher consciousness and Joy then embracing that and investing in that is the best choice we can make in life. So I say to you - Choose love. Seek Joy...and all other things will be added upon you It is the law of the universe. It is the law of attraction. It is inescapable. sincerely,, The CEO of Badasses (a.k.a ~ Light-bearer)


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