Monday, February 22, 2016

DNA Strands

I'm not perfect. I have spent way more time connecting with people this week instead of work on my house... And instead of cleaning my car out, I connected with people. And, when I knew I should be doing something to further my life, I was busy connecting with people. Whoops! As I have said many times before, this blog is less about building a tiny house according to details and specs etc, and more about building a tiny house and the way that I am changed in the process.
It is so refreshing living my life in a way that betters myself and those around me. It took me giving up things and letting people go and saying goodbye to my ego forever. When all these changes happen, beauty becomes abundant. There is light around every corner, and color popping up where you thought were just shades of grey and black and white. Gratitude becomes a way of moving about, instead of words coming out of your mouth. Love fuels every move, and is underlying your every intention. When you come to alignment of who you are and who you were meant to be, its not thought that makes you serve those around you, its your next breath. It flows like walking. You see an opportunity to brighten someones day, and before you know it you are digging two fifties out of your pocket and handing them over to someone who needs them far more than you do, disguised by a little chocolate bar.
When you make the efforts in your life to live for more than yourself, opportunities present themselves to help you on that path. They are always there. Its the way of the universe. Learning to love yourself is the doorway to moving through the world in such a way that everyone is better after encountering you. When the universe puts opportunities in your pathway to help others, you don't think twice, its just part of your movement through this world.
The amount of gratitude I feel for these moments in bringing light to anyone put on my path is beyond any words I can use in this language to express. To feel the heart of another be lifted in your presence is a love unnamed. Living my life in a way that I can continue to experience these glimpses is my constant goal.
"It's kind of hard to love life and love yourself and have lots of fun when you don't have self-worth hormones, and right now your bodies don't have them. You have to want them in order to make them. You see your DNA is a double-helix, a twisted ladder of nodules. There are three strands that must be together in order to make you love life, love yourself, and feel good. If these three are in place, you have self-worth, you have love. You also have to put life into this body and it will keep on living even if you leave it and put it in the grave. So these hormones or strands in your DNA were not given to the body, because it would be a cruel things to do to it until you yourself wanted to live. It was put into motion that when you love yourself enough, you would grow them." - excerpt from Joy Riding the Universe by Sheradon Bryce
This journey I'm on, in transforming my life, and the life of my children, is bringing me to this very beautiful place of love and self-worth, and look at how love is growing all around. If you aren't on this path, please join me. Ask yourself, why would you want to BE without loving yourself, feeling good and loving life?

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