Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just a little Ketchup 

Hello my readers, I know it has been a little while, I have been writing, just not here. It occurred to me it was time to check in again and update you all. I have been working diligently on my tiny home, every single day, unless I am working, and some days I even bring my work with me. So many things have been happening in my life, it is hard to grasp at times. I’ll start with an update on the house, and move forward from there. The siding has been going on a little slow. I am great at math, and there is a lot of measuring and math involved with the siding, as well as a lot of sheer strength required. I have been stubborn, working on this house all on my own. My folks gave me a deadline, which I appreciate, it puts things in perspective and tells me that this time of my life is nearly over, and to soak up this experience while I am having it. I go out to the shop every day, after dropping my kids off across town. I open the shop door, turn the music on and inventory where I am and what comes next. I have stayed sane on the project only looking ahead enough to what I can handle. If I look to far ahead and get overwhelmed, I back up to where I am comfortable. It all flows that way, it all happens naturally. Because I was informed of this new deadline, again, which I am happy about, I reached out to my family and asked for some help. My sister has been diligent in coming out to help me often, her help is so appreciated. I also talked my older brother into coming out and helping me with the siding. Both of my siblings are fantastic at building things. We have all learned well. We are all hard workers. So, having there help is like having another me around. It is amazing. My brother did all of the measuring that day, and I did the cutting and screwing, and it was nice to have another hand with those really heavy boards. In the last few days I have finished one whole side and put trim up around every window. It feels completed, well almost… finishing touches… BUT, it feels complete and peaceful to look at and move right along. I haven’t dwelled too long in looking at it, just on to the next. I do need to now finish the siding on the other side and one end. I did put in some insulation yesterday which was a really great feeling. Before buttoning up under the candeleaver, I needed to insulate and sandwich with siding. It was a great feeling completing that part, and again, moving along to the next. Once the outside is done, I will move inside and start to finish that. I have two months, from today. April fools day. And, it is completely doable. I have started to downsize one more time, third time is the charm. I still have too much stuff. It feels amazing every time I do it. 
I have been writing a lot. About my life. About this journey. My journey has been a beautiful learning experience. It has been so healing to look back and see the lessons. To thank the universe for the people in my life, whether they are still in my life or not. I have been so extremely lucky to have crossed paths with so many beautiful people. I am blessed beyond words. And also, to realize again and again how beautiful the people around me are that have surrounded me my whole life. This home is not just built by me, or by the people who have come to help, or who have made my life easier throughout this whole process by one small act of kindness after another… it is a home built by community, by love. Pure love, that comes with no expectation can make flowers blossom where there was maybe only dirt. Love those around you. Give thanks for what you have, instead of what you don’t. Listen to the little people, and love them, because they are our future. Teach them by example, they watch all you do, and all you say, and they feel all you feel. 

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